Training and Practical Workshops

Training and Practical Workshops

In order to know how to be a good company leader or a successful investor, specific training is needed to considerably reduce the risk of loss.

At EXE, we are born trainers and we have designed two unique programs that will allow you to reinforce certain aspects in terms of capital and resource management.

V.E.O. Program

Vision, energy, and order: that is to say, strategy, commercial operations, and a deep knowledge of company resources (material and human resources) and how to improve management results.

That’s the training program that any Entrepreneur or Business Owner, or their managers, needs to be able to lead their business effectively.

It’s such a complete program that it can be considered an MBA in a more compact form.

Chicago Program

This training program for investors and shareholders teaches people to invest (participate) in businesses confidently; to understand where capital is being invested and whether or not it will be profitable to make such investments.

This is the ideal professional training program for investors and entrepreneurs who are facing an assembly of shareholders or board of directors for the first time.

We build bridges between entrepreneurs (and business owners) and their shareholders or the board.