Your Success is Our Satisfaction

We proudly present our most hard-hitting success stories, told by the clients themselves

Since 2013, EXE has gotten involved in companies that needed to improve internal aspects like their organization, their sales, their teamwork, or to expand their brand in Spain.

In this section, we’d like to highlight some of the most representative success stories in which we’ve made a great impact:

Success Stories and Impact Achieved


Business Consulting Service

ReciPlac came to ExE to find out how to put their sales department in order and improve it.
Our task involved analyzing the situation and undertaking a plan to adjust the budget and the staff positions, as well as rethinking the sales targets with maximum profits in mind.
We showed them that their profitability was not subject to their size; instead, they could be very profitable by simply reorganizing their resources.



Gross Margin



Money invested



Isidre Rodríguez Lafuente

“They met all my expectations and improved upon the initial goals by providing value, reflections, and considerations that not only fulfilled but also exceeded the objectives set.

A very collaborative, live process in terms of its proposals and approach — always adding value.

The project aimed to decide if it was suitable or not to create a new line of fairs in a given sector. After analyzing the market and feasibility, the services provided by ExE brought us to put our fairs in place and get them going in the sector.”



Manufacturer of Bathroom Fixtures / Construction Materials

Consulting and Market Analysis Service

In this case, the client had purchased a manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and they asked us to analyze the market to find out more information about the product and the sector, aiming to assess the brand’s profitability.

In our research, we came across the concept of “affordable luxury” in which we found that, instead of buying new houses, people were remodeling their own houses. As a result, the specific “bathroom fixtures” niche had more opportunities than other niches in the same sector.

Thanks to this and other conclusions, the client was able to follow our advice and sell the brand with very satisfactory profit margins.



Company Value



Money invested


Francisco García Campos, Director

We chose their services because they had done things so well at General Perón.

For me, it seemed impossible at the time to make everyone agree to carry out the work.

And they achieved just that.

The service was paramount. They didn’t miss a thing; they were on top of everything… perfect.

The results couldn’t have been better. I really liked that when they had something that needed done –to call a client, set up a meeting, request a quote, etc.– they did it immediately. They acted with speed, responsibility, and efficiency. What else can you ask for?


Spanish Service Companies Being Set Up in Madrid

Delegated Sales Responsibilities in Madrid

Service companies that needed permanent representation in a region (in this case Madrid) and were seeking a business model or person that would provide them with robust, balanced growth.

After analyzing the target customers and the desired sales style, an agreement was reached in terms of the goals to set and the timeframes necessary to achieve said goals.
In 12-18 months, sales were multiplied by 5 and the gross margin was also increased — simply through the selection of the best opportunities.



Company Value



1-2% a 15%

Gross Margin



Money invested

Consumibles de Seguridad

Jaime Vila-Coro Laviña, Sales Manager

It was suggested by management to work with ExE in order to try to increase the sale of services in the Marine Operations and Technical Industrial Cleaning departments.

At first sight, I found interesting the experience that they could bring to the project (CLECE, Cabbsa, Initial Facilities, etc.).

The results, thanks to the synergies developed, were quite satisfactory. Without a doubt, I must highlight the professionalism and proactive attitude of Eduardo.


Implementation/Operations Consultancies

Project Responsibility

Implementation/operations consultancies (large companies) sometimes require exclusive independent consultants for certain clients to face new challenges.

Goal: To make the impact of the plan drafted a reality.

The recommendations received (based on prior work) highlighted:

  • Our competence
  • Our professional skill
  • And –especially– our talent to facilitate and cooperate

The client consulting firm was able to get recurrent work that was very profitable for all involved in each case.



Consultant fees


Sales to existing Client


Gross Margin



Money invested

Business Consulting, Training, and Sales Improvement

Project Manager

I had the opportunity to work personally and directly with Eduardo Navas. His main characteristics as a professional are his commitment, effort, and persistence when aiming to achieve an objective.

He is methodical, constant, and a good mate.