Consultants Specialized in Improving Management

We accompany you through –and undertake– process improvement so that your company or business is more profitable and, as a result, your profits increase and that increase becomes sustainable.


Comprehensive business consulting, strategy and action plan implementation, and management of technical projects.

Management Consulting




Main Services

Strategic Plan Review

Implementation of Commercial

Sales Strategy

Business Plan

Marketing Innovation

Sales Ledgers

Other Specific Services Provided by EXE

Value Proposition

Establishment in New Geographical Regions

CEO’s Agenda

Market Research

New Product Launch



Establishment of New Business Activities

Decision-Making Structure

Customer Orientation

New Service Creation or Integration

Business Reorganization

Interim Manager

Business Development Manager

Sales Manager

Assistant to the CEO / Managing Director

Strategic Advisor

Expansion Manager

Project Manager

Independent Advisor

Technical Manager

Assistant to the Board of Directors

How do we work?


At EXE, an ‘Attainable Impact Consultant’ is a figure who personally, discreetly, and professionally analyzer

  • your company’s situation from the outside –the weak points, areas that are failing, etc.
  • in order to subsequently “enter the trenches” and implement the necessary corrective measures alongside you and your employees.
  • For us, being the consultancy firm for your company is the same as being a part-time executive member of the board who, through experience, can provide great value to shore up any weaknesses that are getting in the way of your business’s profitability.
  • And all of that is done with exceptional personal attention at the forefront: putting your needs (even your personal ones) and priorities above any other agenda, acting flexibly to achieve goals without pressures, misunderstandings, and restrictions.

Our aim is for your company to look like what you’ve always dreamed of.

To accomplish that, we analyze how to make it more profitable and optimize the resources that you already have.

Through an in-depth study of your business that is neither too long, nor too tedious, nor too bothersome for your organization, we will take into account all your strengths and weaknesses. This information will be reviewed in order to be able to define and undertake a feasible strategy.

We’ll make your business resemble your dreams; we’ll get it to be just like you’ve always wanted it to be.


Before getting started, we’ll need to analyze the situation of your profit and loss account, your organization, your main processes, and how healthy and sustainable your company’s bottom line is.

The initial information that we typically ask for is:

  1. Profit and loss account
  2. Business organization/structure and geographical presence
  3. Value stream map or a list of the main processes

To get all that information, we propose three free, no-obligation meetings:

  1. During the first meeting, we will actively listen to be able to better understand the challenge to be overcome and/or the problem to solve.
  2. During the second no-obligation meeting, we’ll be able to provide you with our view of possible solutions and you can challenge and ask for explanations of our arguments and reasoning. This will help us to listen, once again, to your ideas and points of reflection.
  3. Finally, during the third meeting, after reviewing the solution and making a formal proposal about what can be done, the different ways to put the ideas into place will be discussed (taking into account both our proposal and any proposals that you may have) – and an action plan will be set.


At that time, you’ll have two options:

  1. The action plan can be put into movement together and, at that time, both parties will make the commitment to work jointly to improve your business.
  2. Or, if you prefer, you can carry out the plan on your own. As the first three meetings were free and without any type of obligation, in either case we will understand that we’ve fulfilled our mission and the confidential nature of our relationship and of the conversations held will be upheld – even if we aren’t hired.

Our solutions are 100% custom, and this increases the chances of our being able to successfully help you. To schedule an appointment, please contact us.


Since 2013, EXE has worked with different types of clients and different business situations:

  • Entrepreneurs opening new offices/branches in different parts of Spain.
  • Entrepreneurs interested in analyzing the feasibility of their business, and in finding out the next steps to be taken.
  • Entities wishing to buy or sell their business or portfolio.
  • Businesses with weaknesses in a specific department/area.
  • Entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by a lack of time or team members.
  • Businesses that need a manager or expert management team on a project-to-project basis: with a specific scope and term while maintaining high demands in terms of objectives.
  • Businesses that feel as if they need a professional, expert boost to consolidate their profitability.
  • New businesses in need of strategic guidance.
  • Service companies, for value generation.
  • Other consulting firms that need our expertise.

Companies that Have Already Fulfilled their Dreams

A very collaborative, fluid process in terms of its proposals and approach – always adding value.

Isidre Rodríguez Lafuente

The service was paramount. You didn’t miss a thing; you were on top of everything… perfect

Francisco García Campos

Managing Director

The results, thanks to the synergies involved, were quite satisfactory.

Jaime Vila-Coro Laviña

Sales Manager

Methodical, constant, and great teamwork.

Project Manager