Management Consultants & Business Development Experts.

We design your Business (Action) Plan with you, and we implement it. We accompany you to improve your processes and sales, increasing your profits in a sustainable way.
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How do we work?

What is an Attainable Impact Consultant?

Our Attainable Impact Consultants are figures who sincerely and professionally:

  1. Analyze your company’s situation, identifying its weak points.
  2. Design a solution that is within the reach for your business capabilities or ambition.
  3. Implement the necessary measures alongside you and your employees.

For us, being the Consultancy firm for your company is the same as being a part-time executive or member of the board, adding value to everything your company does.

We guarantee exceptional personal attention at the forefront, putting your needs above any other agenda – with the flexibility that your company requires.

How do we make your business grow?

Through a thorough study: we deeply understand your company, your processes, and your market; without disturbing (nor paralyzing) your organization.

By implementing a realistic action plan (BAP – Business Action Plan) and supporting human talent when undertaking new activities and monitoring and overseeing performance.

How can we start working together?

We’ll start with two or three free, no-obligation meetings in which:

  1. We´ll listen actively to your company´s situation, the challenges you face or the ambition you want to chase.
  2. We´ll propose reasoned, very often creative, solutions.
  3. We´ll review the solutions and priorities, designing a specific plan for your company.

At that time, you’ll have two options:

  1. To put the action plan into place together, with our help and guidance.
  2. To carry out the plan on your own.

Our solutions are 100% custom, and this increases the chances of our being able to successfully help you.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us.

What types of clients do we work with?

Since the year 2013, we at ExE have helped:

  • Entrepreneurs opening new offices/branches or interested in analyzing the feasibility of their business ventures.
  • Entities wishing to buy our sell their business or portfolio.
  • Businesses with weaknesses.
  • Entrepreneurs overwhelmed by a lack of time or team members.
  • Companies in need of management on a project-to-project basis.
  • Companies with the aim to enhance their profitability.
  • New businesses in need of strategic guidance.
  • Value generation service companies.
  • Other consultancy firms.


Companies that have already fulfilled their dreams with us:

It was a very collaborative, live process in terms of its proposals and approach – always adding value.

Isidre Rodríguez Lafuente

The service was paramount. They didn’t miss a thing; they were on top of everything… perfect.

Francisco García Campos

Managing Director

The results, thanks to the synergies developed, were quite satisfactory.

Jaime Vila-Coro Laviña

Sales Manage

Methodical, constant, and great teamwork.

Project Manager