We are a business focused on enhancing your company’s profitability.

Ejecución por Excelencia is a company that was founded in 2013 by Rosario Navarro and Eduardo Navas with the aim of creating an affordable, close, and effective consulting service.

At the beginning, the majority of client projects focused on covering management positions on a part-time basis in a way that is similar to what we know now as an “interim manager,” although more economically.

Our accumulated experience of more than 40 years in managing business units and companies is what we make available to entrepreneurs.

Our vocation and degree of specialization allow us to achieve and overcome expectations and goals.

We draft business plans and help to implement them so as to guarantee success.

Our Values:

  • A. Honesty
  • B. Loyalty to the project
  • C. Dedication with no conflicts of interest
  • D. A high, sustainable impact on your business

For us, honesty and loyalty to the project that we commit to are the bases for our success.

The dedication with which we undertake our work at your company will make you feel as if we are part of your team.

All of our efforts will be focused on achieving your company’s objectives.

Ejecución por Excelencia is the perfect example of a responsible, affordable, and high-impact consulting firm that allows entrepreneurs to achieve the following:

  1. Healthy growth
  2. Sustainable results
  3. Better alignment of talent in the organization

All of this is true whether we have to get fully involved in the company (interim management of specific areas) or we are only responsible for one specific solution (management on a project-to-project basis).

Eduardo Navas

Eduardo is an agricultural engineer who holds a Service Management Master and a Business Administration Master from IESE Business School – having participated in an exchange program in the USA at the Chicago University Graduate School of Business.

He is the main consultant at ExE, and he enjoys providing training and skills in relationship with managing sales teams, managing companies, and drafting business plans.

Throughout his professional career, he has held different positions, the majority of which were executive positions:

  • Head of Studies
  • Operations Consultant
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Business Development Director
  • Sales Manager and other equivalent positions
  • Deputy Management Executive, and CEO’s Associate

Since 2013, he has put everything he learned in his more than 21 years in management into practice at EXE to enhance his clients’ companies and train them and their employees in sales and business management.

Eduardo’s clients say the following about him:

  • Experienced consultant with great operational, commercial and strategic insights. Capability to roll his sleeves up and work shoulder to shoulder with an organization / executive team to develop and implement a detailed and high-quality business plan. Reliable. Hustler. Flexible.
  • What he does best is understand businesses.
  • A project manager with great strategic vision. He always takes into account the client’s objectives.
  • He helps you to evolve, to move to the next level, to look towards the future, and to get out of your comfort zone.
  • A great strategist with an infallible gut and intuition, capable of developing and carrying out the right personalized strategy for your company.
  • A friendly and kind person who is comfortable working at all levels of the organization so that information flows and cooperation goes off without a hitch during the project at hand.
  • A professional with great determination who always achieves his goals without creating new problems or conflicts.
  • Cooperative with company directors and managers, never putting at risk the position, opinion, or work of those involved in, or affected by, the project.
  • A comprehensive advisor (with a 360-degree view over the long and short term and in multiple areas – finances, marketing, sales, and operations) who helps to generate realistic plans that can be carried out and in which priorities are clearly identified. He has the knowledge and experience to implement the plans drafted.
  • Efficient and reliable.
  • Creative and dynamic, Eduardo always exhibits enthusiasm for the project.
  • The person to trust at the helm of your company, knowing that he will help to steer you towards success.

He will take charge of helping you and will become a part-time interim manager in your company, if that is the service you need.